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OVER-FLOW PICKUPS ARE BETWEEN 6:00pm-11:30pm daily

**Customer will receive a secured email link for payment from within 30min to 1 hr of booking**

***Customer must  process payment by 5:30 pm that day for any submissions completed online for next day pickup or any scheduled pick-up or submissions can or could be voided ***

****Customer will receive a text message, confirming the time of our drivers estimated arrival the day before scheduled pickup between the hours of 6:30pm-8:00pm****

*Payments after 5:30 pm, will or may not be scheduled for next day* Unless Notified by Customer Service Advisors !!! 

*****REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER Pickups must be clean free of any food or debris, additional charge may apply if debris is left inside***** Garage Pickups No Steep/Low or High incline driveways (no exceptions)Items must be visible for our drivers!!!

If you are placing a payment upon the day of pick-up or day before please make sure your booking day matches or or otherwise pick-up will be rescheduled  Gascrap schedules pick-up's during time of booking through our customer service advisor's to ensure proper date and time to ensure the driver's routes are accurate and completed timely we are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction so this helps us get your pickup's completed timely. Please Render your payment during booking to avoid disruption of service.

First and Last Name*

Customer (pick-up) Address*

Please Include City Zip-Code*

Phone Number to be reached*

Email Address*

Free Drop Off: Select County Coming From

Location of Appliance* Covid-19* (Advises)

Resident Type or Business

Please list the name of Apartment, Gate Code, Suite #, Unit Number, Bld Number & Flight of Stairs 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Floor

Inside Removal (Brief Description) ie: location, flight of stairs (*Note* if there are any obstructions upon removal such as decks with stairs, inclines, and gravel in walk way (removal) area the customer may acquire an additional charge if not noted upon booking due to the major liability risk.)*

Gated Community?

Is your home or business located on the main road?*

If community is gated, please provide the opening time for drivers to gain access. (ie; 7:00am gate opens.)

Date Of Pick-Up* (Scheduled Date Only)

Concierge Service

If providing elevator for inside removals within apartment community, please provide time frame for elevator usage. (ie; elevator available between 8:00am-12:00noon)

Resident Type: Rental Property

Items Removed*

Items Working/Non-Working (Brief Description)*

Items Removed Lawn Equipment

Total of Items removed?*

Lawn equipment Working/Non-Working (Brief Description)

Condition of used appliance

I agree to these terms:*

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Us 404-423-2091

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